Friday, November 20, 2009

Bronze Age

Giant Sculptures by Dali Inscaped on Alps Mountaintop


Outside the Keystone Restaurant, time
stands still for a moment. Woozy, WAVY. Tock.

Tick. A breeze, not a sequence. Skop. Gu. Caesar Romero
blowin’ in the wind. Like a 50s movies’ trailer, stunning,
and riveting, but not necessarily fluid. CURT. Like
ebb tide, quicker than the eye. Wavier.

Yesterday, in/ aloof November, I sensed/ a rainbow. And
watched a myriad of woozy crows drift...
searching for SOLACE in a sunset. Wavier? Glass and water
function-- source[s] of creation and destruction,
life and death. Hey!
glass is a joyous and paradoxical thing, & as good a substance
as any to build a groove on.

Homina, homina, homina-- aquatic immersion of luminosity
and/or extreme purification of sin

& zo, I’m thinkin’ that WHILE, indeed, glacier flows/ to sea,
it flows, in declaration, like all frozen things, merely
back to itself, to its own source.

ABATING. Progression describes a series of actions which
are not organized into distinct subgrouping.
Both water and the past abrade the land. Planes of reality
are intangible, inevitable,
inevitable, natural, and mysterioso.

& a fade emphasizes the elliptical continuity of these needy
constructions, allusions. CLICK! Frangibility=
a kiss/ to build a dream on.