Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Philip Wheeler Featured October 13, Midtown Scholar Bookstore

Our featured performer October 13 at Midtown Scholar bookstore's Poetry Thursdays is Philip Wheeler, poet, and actor from Harrisburg.

Following vocational stints in the military and corporate arenas, Wheeler appeared in 2005 as Harrisburg, PA's public art piece, "Human, Being." He followed that in 2006 with the one-man show "Being, In Harrisburg" discussing the year's experiences.

Wheeler began acting with the Harrisburg Shakespeare Festival in their Fall 2007 production of Titus Andronicus and continued in the ensuing years with roles in HSF's mainstage productions ( Philip Wheeler's work with HSF led him to meet most of the ADK Shakes Board; he first appeared with the company in 2008, joyous in the intensity and end result of the Shakespeare IN THE RAW experience.

A philosopher and writer, actor, restaurant employee, theatrical stagehand, percussionist, sound engineer, and avid air guitar competitor, he's presented poetry in Central Pennsylvania at previous Poetry Thursdays traveling venues. His verse was part of A Poet's Tour of Harrisbug, the performance, and a book from GoodSport Press, 2007.

This reading, hosted by the Poetry Cartel, begins with an open mic, after a short break, Wheeler's presentation begins. Midtown Scholar Bookstore is located at1302 North Third Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102, Call 717.236.1680.