Monday, April 4, 2016

"Eclectic Versifier" Roger Cowden to Perform at Midtown Scholar Bookstore

On April 7th the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel will feature Roger Cowden, an exciting “New Verser” mixing experimental phrasing and manner "with [a] subtle, often deapan, yet compelling, delivery."

The event, at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore in Harrisburg, will begin with an open reading, and the feature will commence about 8pm (Eastern Poet Time) after a brief intermission.

Roger Cowden hails from Indiana, but was "poetically raised in central Pennsylvania" as a mainstay at the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel readings. He's been strongly influenced by the latest "ambient wordsmithing" styles, yet Cowden has developed his own unique "jigsaw verse, a striking form" and structure. His minimalist approach to spoken word performance demands patience and an open mind-- it's been described as both“harrowing” and surprising. His content leans to a "focus on surrealism, relationships, and the truth behind dreams.

Cowden often challenges audiences to hang him with 'the noose' he provides."

Cowden has been featured at readings throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, but has honed presentation and delivery around his “home” with the Almost Uptown group. Cowdens work has been published in numerous small press and college compilations, and he is "currently cobbling together a collection" of more recent work.

This event is part of Poetry Thursdays, a continuing poetry series, held weekly at the Midtown Scholar. 1302 N. 3rd Street. For more information, (717) 236-1680.