Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Poetry Thursdays at Midtown Cinema's Reel Cafe

The Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, a true American institution, has been at Harrisburg's Midtown Cinema's Reel Cafe since December 2008.

But they've been taking care of business much longer than that.
Since 1999 in fact, and gracing quite a few different venues.
Sweet Passions, 3rd St, Harrisburg, 1999--2001
Sparky & Clarks, 2d St, Hbg. 2001--2003
The Gamut Theater, Strawberry Sq. Hbg. 2004
Susquehanna Art Museum, Hbg. 2004--2007
The Crimson Frog, Cedar Cliff Mall, Camp Hill, 2007--2008

So, after an earthquake, hurricane & flood the cartel is back at it.
Poetry biz. Hip features & open readings.
Here's what Harrisburg Magazine had to say
about the energy at the legendary long-running Thursday gig:

‎"The real reward of my premiere experience of the Cartel was the ferocity.
… the feeling is vibrant. The lack of formality and sheer consistency bespeak the importance of art in this community." --Kari Larsen

Harrisburg Magazine: Spontaneity Theatre: The Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel

Featured performers coming to the Reel Cafe in October:

York, PA laureate, Carla Christopher, October 13.

And on October 29th-- Evan Cameron.