Friday, February 26, 2016

March 3: Kali Meister at Midtown Scholar's Poetry Thursdays

March 3: Kali Meister is featured performer at Harrisburg's Midtown Scholar Bookstore's Poetry Thursdays poetry series, hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, 1302 N. 3rd St. 17102. 7-- 9pm. (717) 236-1680.
Kali Meister’s writing is an extension of her rich experiences in theatre, performance art, and film. In the many theatrical productions to her credit, Meister has worked as a playwright, director, actor, costume coordinator, and make-up designer. She has performed as a poet, storyteller, and stand-up comic at various events.

While living in Texas, Meister worked as an extra on the films J.F.K., Dazed and Confused, and Boys on the Side. Her first full-length play was a finalist at the 2010 Festival of Appalachian Plays and Playwrights at Barter Theater in Abingdon, Virginia.

Her literary achievements include winning the 2005 Margaret Atley Woodruff Award for fiction and the 2006 Margaret Atley Award for playwriting. She also received the 2005 and 2006 Eleanor Burke Award for non-fiction from the University of Tennessee’s English department. Meister’s poetry has been featured in publications such as Circle Magazine, Caduceus, Pegasus Review, Prism, Phoenix and Ashville Poetry Review. Her Absurd Noir, was featured in the Knoxville Writers’ Guild anthology, Outscapes.

An adjunct professor at Pellissippi State Community College, and Roane State Community College, Meister is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and studied creative writing, with a concentration in playwriting, at Goddard College.

Watch video,of a Meister performance:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maria James-Thiaw at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore!

Continuous verse, endless Spring, Midtown Scholar Bookstore, every Thursday, hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, Listen, share. Declaim. Give your favorite words a spin!

Hear, on February 25, feature-poet Maria James-Thiaw

Maria James-Thiaw is Professor of Writing at Central Pennsylvania College, Professor at Central Penn College. Published in numerous journals, Fledgling Rag, Experimental Forest, Philadelphia Stories,a Poetic Tour of Harrisburg. A poetry slam winner and host, James-Thiaw, author of six verse compendiums is a Performance Poet, and workshop facilitator at Independent Artist.

An open reading will precede the feature performance. Poetry Thursdays, Midtown Scholar, 1302 N. 3rd St. 7-- 9pm. (717) 236-1680. Parking available. Come early, seating is limited.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Helgremites and Halogens Loved by Chaucer leads us to Molinary, a Louisiana artist beloved by Manet, or vice- versa, as spelling counts. Or it did in the 50s and I'm not just sayin' that just-cos I'm on television (I'm talkin' to you, Tom Verlaine!). So what's in a molinary? A low-neck sweater. Vice-versa. Rose v. Wade. Two guards named Moe? A Chaucerian misdemeanor. {An epigraph. The biggertheburger thebettertheburger theburgersarebigger at burger king.} (or: Die Heimat des Minas Kava Kaffees ist das Hochland im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Minas Gerais.) OK. Maybe relating to a mill or THE process of grinding—usage, synonyms, more. THE is passe, with an accent. It's a weak word, We used to say Woodward: good word. (Usually-- well, back in the 50s-- prefaced by Lincoln: Stinkin'! Often, with a derisve snort). I never said that, It's history. I used to say I'm a lover not a fighter. And though it saved me not from scrapes I did become a historian. With that in mind, let get back to Molinary. She's wearing her high-heeled shoes, exuding Chaucerian demeanor and, according to some non-Chaucerians, of which there are good and plenty, hale fellows well met and all that old boy, hautboy, Rob Roy kinda nonsense, was an artist teetering at the confluence of the Mississippi if you catch my drift and was beloved by Manny. In my dream. I said that. Erose Selavy said that once Molinary has her word of the year, she considers these additional questions: What will this concept bring to my life? And this, much more than this. Get dressed, get born, get a saxophone, not neccessarily in that order And oh, how you wail! From here on in it's draggin' the line, incredible shrinking of lime, hard water, encrustachin etc riding on the gold wool of the lamb. (houseman, mar, da lad) jalapeno said that. {sans derisive snort} --mge, jan 5 2015 written in the manor of bill shields {fbk spelling} Die Heimat des Minas Kava Kaffees ist das Hochland im brasilianischen Bundesstaat Minas Gerais.