Thursday, May 28, 2009

Caravaggio's Massive Forms are Alive,
Drifting in Space, Hovering Provocatively
o'er the Beguiled Again of Reverie

The finest chamomile flowers in the world
come from the Nile River Valley of Egypt.
Donatello shaped a gorgeous stream of sinuous curves
in plum blossoms of the Madonna
and the angel, swore that Zuccone is just a little pumpkin.
Sheesh! The Northern Lights flow free,
almost hidden by a mass of splendidly flowing drapery,
arranged in cumulous folds...

In the wild, fields of chamomile look like
a light dusting of snow. After the plows
come through, the Ace of Hearts is Spring,
and the Ace of Bells is Summer.

The face card shows a Chinese word.
Like Pringles’ irresistible shape....they're hypnotic.

They sway and sing. Caravaggio often uses the curve
and counter-curve, a blur, a yin-yang
movement of strokes & forms as he explodes
a line that constantly folds
and unfolds, at dazzling speeds: like sensuous runes
upon a deserts’s dusty shore.

Monroe's loose white towel gently falls,
envelops her back and sides. Every picture
tells a story. The Ace of Acorns is Winter.
Zuccone is just a little pumpkin. And
the Northern Lights/ flow free.

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