Friday, March 19, 2010

When the World Ends, the Adventure Yowsas!

When the World Ends, Our
Greatest Adventure Begins.

So here’s to you Mrs. Robinsong. It’s Spring, what can
I say? Sun’s shining, birds warble. Pippa passes.

Sun Yat-sen was a uniting figure in post-Imperial China.
In a flea market in Taiwan, I come across what appears
to be a bootleg postcard. Words & music by Barry Yorganev. (?)
I think that's the name, i remember his style. Naturally
I confront the owners. At first, they’re blasé.

Not for long.

They call me a white devil (it stings like a butterfly).
I blush. “All words belong to all people!” they shriek.

Agh! Li Po said that. But, Sun had not been trained
in the classics, and the gentry would not accept Sun into
their circles. So-- Generalissimo Sun began to call for the
abolition of the monarchy and the establishment of
a republic. Hey, what would you do, dear?

Even now, that aforementioned shriek haunts me.

Still, Sun's portrait adorns Taiwan’s NT$100 bill.

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