Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Words & Music & New Phrasing

.............caption:the web of words........................................ So I come across this in an article, "Reusable grocery bag carried nasty norovirus, scientists say", about a resuable grocery bag which caused an outbreak of norovirus that sickened members of a girls' soccer team in Oregon. Oregon public health officials are pretty pleased with their work in tracking down the viris source. “It was a knock out of the park,” said Kimberly K. Repp, an epidemiologist with the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services in Hillsboro, Ore. “We demonstrated norovirus transmission without person-to-person contact.” Another zinger from Repp, re the scientific detective work in tracing the source of the illness-- “It involved really thinking outside the bag, so to speak.” Yeah! Her work is published this week in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. Now I gotta say that I truly enjoy colorful commentary from an epidemiologist as much as the next layperson, but whaddabout the aforementioned “It was a knock out of the park.” What?
So, that's what she said. Okay, what's that mean? "Oh, sure, we could figger it out." Lotta people say that these days. But, seriously, who are we to speculate on Repp's etymological intent?. ...........caption:Oregon Library..... For all we know it could be arcane epidemiological talk? Or some argot unique to the Pacific Northwest. Seriously, what!? Enquiring minds wanna know. The only comparable reference to which Oregon librarians could direct me was a Louis Jordan song from 1948, in which Jordan shouted “Hey, bayy-bee: knock me a kiss!

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