Sunday, September 20, 2015

May we in glory see...

ancient of days
I'm guessing that some of us will never forget exactly where they were when they first saw the TV GUIDE with Victoria Principal on the cover. Or, when they lost their first molar, or came across the Pelican paperback book about William Blake by J. Bronowski.

For many of us, it was in a 7-11, or maybe a supermarket, the troubled spiritus of Allen Ginsberg hovering over our bare, left shoulders. On p. 201, Bronowski asks "What had Pitt to fear from such men as Blake? What had Walpole to fear from Pope and Swift?"

Nothing concrete pops up regarding my first look at the Bronowski. Nope. And, lost teeth? I'm guessing, teeth come and teeth go, went-- in another world. Way back when... a quarter here, Kennedy half-dollar there. Another time, another place. Subtitle: A MAN WITHOUT A MASK. It's a revised edition. First published 1944. South African edition, "Sea Point, Cape Town". '44.
WW II. Another sunny afternoon.

On the inside pages, there are photos of exercise sequences. Red is primary, and tiny black numbers-- presumably, a boon to sequencing. In June 1984, numbers were surely more of essence than numbers are now, a century after the Great War.

And, to wrap it all up, at the end of those sequenced pics, on p.14: "Victoria Principal, best known as Dallas's Pam Ewing wrote the best-selling exercise book ‘The Body Principal.’ "

That's cool. LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS. Some/ have greatness thrust upon them.

Yeah, I mighta liked a comma after "book", but I'm good, et vous?


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