Friday, June 12, 2009

Rotação de Cumulous Torres

Looking Southward Near Bordai,
Tebesti-- Atoms in an Elemental Storm

Roaring. An undertone of trees,
even as soul and sound unite, flash vividly,
and morph into faint echoes
tastefully mocking the corrosion of iron.

Rocking the baser elements, dense with
seaweed, drowning in pools of green fir.

Tilted, lifting waves. Rotation of cumulous
towers, mewling, and reeking of instability.
Alluring, if dangerous, Will Robinson.

Wind shear, centrum of innocence and
enchanting sea breeze.

When metal corrodes
it forms catons, loses electrons and, often,
becomes listless and cruises antique shoppes
endlessly, searching for that ever elusive
and blunt light of early autumn.


樹低音,既使靈魂和聲音 生動地團

閃動,並且變體入微弱的回聲 雅致嘲笑鐵腐蝕。
密集與 海草,淹沒在綠色冷杉水池。 被掀動的,

自轉cumulous 塔, mewling和發臭氣不穩定。
將魯賓遜。 风切变,無罪的中心和 迷人海风。
當金屬腐蝕 它形成catons,

經常,成為 無精打采和巡航仿古不盡商店,
搜尋 為早期的秋天逃避的那和直言的光。


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