Friday, June 19, 2009

Ambassadorial Fennel Seeds, and Wrap (in Cheesecloth Sachet)

Contingency Riffs Contrast Futurism’s Glum Present with Almost Deliriously Random Antecedents Looking Through the Window of a Cork-lined Room, one listening, as if for the first time, with a different ear.

Listen. A train is passing, clickety-clack and pocketa-pocketa, a moving garland of aural delight. Sunny D. What's a mother to do? Un chromatismeexpressionniste traduit ses impressions par rapport à ses deux notionsqui s’affrontent actuellement dans l’âme des birmans.

There is a tide in the motion of men. An art/ of noise.

The tracks, an endless realm of noise, drove that perpetually green, green fuse from here to eternity and back again, until now. One of the main reasons for choosing such a method of construction is that, once path and landscape are constructed, they could be described not only with music, but with any other artistic medium. Like, say, dance, jack-hammer and/or, or even, painstakingly, individually water-colored cell animation.

And justlikethat, that, that haunting lonesome whistle moan is now represented by hallucinatory concrete gestures, by a deliberate, yet moving (You got to move!) virtuosic solo cello, sixteen coaches long.

Clickety-clack, pocketa-pocketa pocketa. The arbitrary tones which comprise the atomic moment are filled with a cacophonous decay, decelerated rates of change become at once, a mirror and a necessity, summoning a technological narcissism which insists that the present is a taut salad of signature moments from the past-- from Bach, Beethoven and Flavor-Flav, refashioning each in a serial temper which deconstructs the original, shattering its melodic counterpoint and stretching it over the canvas of the present. Right now. Today. Stretched to the breaking point. As if, as if ripped from today’s headlines: Summer Gives No Relief From Swine Flu, Oy! Robert Pattinson renversé par un taxi,

Dodgers hand A's another narrow loss. Stanford Arrested by FBI Outside Girlfriend's Home, Passengers not told pilot of NJ-bound jet had died, Car bomb attack in Spanish city,

As Standoff Deepens, Iran's Leader Urges Return to Faith,
It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry.

Demandan a California por abuso de cura,
Cybercrime threat rising sharply.
Irish issue to dominate EU talks,
Supreme leader once a student revolutionary,

Mutinous Congo troops fire at UN,
Thousands gather for Lakers parade,
The time drift favors Buenos Aires.

Youssouf Fofona garde le silence. The Big
Red Letters Stand for/ the Jello Family.
So, whaddaya say? My, my,
hey, hey. A different drum? A-rum-
pum, rum-pum, brr-rum-pum...
Rama-lama futurama-two
Ta lang goe ta ka ta dhin ghi nha thom
ta-tay -tay ta-tam
ki-ta-ta-ka ta-tay -tay ta-tam
ki-ta-ta-ka tam dhé tham
tay ta thay
tam dhé tham
tay ta thay.


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