Friday, July 17, 2009

I/ got Rhythm!

How I Found My Groove the Middle of a Dream

Okay, so I’m lookin for Franklin Rosemont’s Wrong Number
(without my glasses), & I pick it up BUT it turns out to be
Breton’s Manifesto. Day-um! I dunno about you,
but I got chills.

Romaine-romaine; romaine, romaine…
[note: to be hummed, for two choruses, to the tune
of the Four Preps version of "26 Miles Across the Sea"]

Hey, if you were seriously a surrealist you’d understand. Yeah,
to be sure, bitter fruit sways/ in irritated undulations
& foreshadows the oncoming thunderstorm. Boom-boom,
boom-boom & homina, homina-- if/ you catch my drift.
Goodgawd-a-mighty, I/ am King-- in the middle of a dream!

J’unnerstan’ where I’m comin’ from? Hell, my wife doesn’t
understand me (tho she seems to understand Lautréamont)
& howthefuck y’ think that makes me feel? Hunh!
Oy, which one/ will the fountain bless?

Coined by Kruchenykh in 1913, the word zaum eees made up
of the Russian prefix за, "beyond, behind", and noun ум,
"the mind, nous", and has been translated as "transreason",
know I’m sayin'?

Y’know, sometimes it's hard to find the damn question mark
thing on the keyboard. Yeah, verily, with-out a song, the night
would never end.... Agh! Which one will the ro-maine bless?

Day-um! Listen to me, listen to me!
Hear what I'm sayin'!
Three faces of Brahmin. Three/ of a kind:
Tenpo kama. Tenpo pini. Tenpo ale.

-- mge

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