Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Maria James-Thiaw at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore!

Continuous verse, endless Spring, Midtown Scholar Bookstore, every Thursday, hosted by the Almost Uptown Poetry Cartel, Listen, share. Declaim. Give your favorite words a spin!

Hear, on February 25, feature-poet Maria James-Thiaw

Maria James-Thiaw is Professor of Writing at Central Pennsylvania College, Professor at Central Penn College. Published in numerous journals, Fledgling Rag, Experimental Forest, Philadelphia Stories,a Poetic Tour of Harrisburg. A poetry slam winner and host, James-Thiaw, author of six verse compendiums is a Performance Poet, and workshop facilitator at Independent Artist.

An open reading will precede the feature performance. Poetry Thursdays, Midtown Scholar, 1302 N. 3rd St. 7-- 9pm. (717) 236-1680. Parking available. Come early, seating is limited.

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